Webinar Series

The covid pandemic presented challenges for us all. Med-success believed that despite this, it was important to continue our work to help aspiring medicine applicants. Thus, we adapted and converted our usual one-day event into a series of webinars and mock interviews.

Our webinar series took place online, on a weekly basis from 13th October to 8th December 2020. We covered an array of topics, from life as a doctor to approaching tricky interview scenarios. We worked hard to ensure that the series translated the content of our excellent one-day event into successful online webinars. We had speakers, including current doctors and medical students contributing to provide a comprehensive and detailed view of life in medicine and the application process.

Our webinars reached a wide audience across the UK, and from a number of different backgrounds. We received fantastic feedback throughout, demonstrating our consistent and high- quality material.

Through doing this, it has highlighted how effective our content is online, so we look forward to continuing and expanding this in the future.

“I think it was very interactive and involved everyone so it was engaging and enjoyable.”

“Thank you so much for hosting these amazing webinars they are so helpful!”

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We draw from a wealth of experience from both doctors and current medical students to give you the widest insight possible into applying for medical school. You definitely won’t be struggling to find someone to talk to at any point in the day. 

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Med Success has some of the highest turnout for volunteers year on year. We draw in professionals from hospitals who can give you great insight into a medical career, along with medical students who have more recently gone through the applications. 

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At Med Success, we don’t believe in sitting you down and talking at you all day. That’s why we combine some lecture style talks with plenty of hands-on experience and seminars.


Book a place to experience our ethics workshops, personal statement clinics, mock interviews, and more. 

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We know that as a student, price can be a deciding factor. That’s why we have designed a course that is as intensive as you will find anywhere else in the country, but at no cost.


As a charitable organisation, we don’t measure our success by the amount of money made, but by the amount of success stories.