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What, if anything, did you find particularly helpful about the course? 

"Speaking to medical students about their personal experiences with applications." 
"Staff were extremely supportive and willing to answer all of my questions" 
"Medical career not romanticised, full reality exposed" 
"Well worth the money!" 
"Necessary info was delivered in realistic, no-nonsense format" 
"How to walk into a room, giving the best impression" 
"The one to one help with personal statement" 
"MMIs very useful as it is hard to practice this at home" 
"The interview lecture was extremely insightful and has prepared me well" 
"I liked the fact that we received one to one help' 

Do you feel Med-Success has increased your chances of getting a place at University? If so, how? 

"I feel my preparation is more guided and meeting like minded people has provided a boost of information" 
"Yes as I gained a lot more information than I would have just researching online or talking to others" 
"I now have greater awareness of the interview process" 
"Yes I have formed a strategy to not be so nervous" 
"It has made me feel more confident in applying" 
"Yes because there were aspects of the application process that I hadn’t even thought about yet" 
"Yes, showed me the real deal!" 
"I understand how to write a successful personal statement" 
"Yes, otherwise I would have made some of the mistakes that were pointed out today" 
"Yes I feel at an advantage" 

Would you recommend Med-Success to other prospective medical students? 

“Yes it is incredibly informative” 
“Yes its amazing! I will be coming next year also!” 
“Really enjoyable and useful day” 
“Definitely. Thank you for organising this event, and all the volunteers who helped throughout the day” 
“Yes it teaches you how to stand out!” 
“Indeed, I would highly recommend” 
attended Med-Success 2015 and 2016 
Hi Fasih, 
It’s Kate from med success,I hope you’re well. I thought I would let you know how my application to med school has gone! I was thrilled to receive all of my offers after interviews with Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and Liverpool!! It was difficult choosing a firm choice, but went with Sheffield after much deliberation. Thank you so much to you and your team for such great advice and preparation. I felt confident, relaxed and able to give good answers (most of the time at least!). 
Thanks again! 
Parkview Academy 2014 
Quick message just to let you know that our students at Parkview Academy really enjoyed the Med Success event yesterday. Was a very valuable day and the students have gained valuable tips on how to improve there personal statement and interview skills. Will be coming back with even more students next year. 
attended Med-Success 2016 
Hello Dr Khan, 
I hope you are well! 
I am sorry for not contacting you sooner, my pre-registration year and ucas kept me busy but I finally got a day off today so could sit down and write this email. I ended up receiving 3 interviews for med school: Birmingham, Leicester and Keele University, I withdrew from Keele and did not attend the interview as I received offers from Birmingham and Leicester! 
I have accepted Birmingham as it is the Graduate entry and a 4 year degree which I will be starting on 1st Sep 2017. 
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the mock interview support session and the MedSuccess event, I honestly don’t know how to explain how much I appreciated it as I can now finally go to med school! 
In addition, if I am available I would love to help with future MedSuccess events! 
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