Empower Youth Academy (who we are) 


Empower Youth Academy is a local registered charity (1139613) and non-profit voluntary organisation run by professionals and students with a passion for education and development. Our goal is to provide children from all backgrounds with equal educational and aspirational opportunities. We are bound to the charity commission and so work with complete transparency.

Further information is available at http://www.empower-youth.org.uk/

Why we do it 


From the outset, a central tenet of Med Success was the notion that nobody should let their circumstance restrict their prospects. We have always strived to improve the chances of students from underprivileged backgrounds, in particular, proven by our record of charging far less than any other medical school preparation course. 


We hope to continue our mantra of providing equal opportunity for all prospective doctors of the future, irrespective of their background. 

Med Success (what we do)

For the past 10 years, Med Success had run a variety of very successful annual day events for sixth formers. These were run with a focus on widening participation along with equipping students with the best skills and knowledge to excel in medical school applications. 

We are delighted to announce that this year, we will still be giving students this opportunity. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have chosen to convert our in-person event to a series of online webinars covering much of the same material.