Med-Success is a non-profit national organisation that seeks to identify students with a real passion for medicine, and maximise their potential by providing inspiration, skills and knowledge and guidance to boost the quality of applications to medical school.  

Med-Success was initiated in 2010 by a team of enthusiastic medical students and junior doctors who wished to make a difference and inspire the next generation of prospective medics.


Since its inception, Med-Success has led a variety of successful events such as one-day preparatory courses attended by sixth formers across the country, small group interview training sessions, UKCAT preparation sessions, one-to-one personal statement clinics and online webinars on topics pertinent to the application process.


A central tenet of Med-Success has always been the notion that nobody should let their circumstances restrict their prospects. This is what makes us unique - the desire and drive to make a difference, particularly to those students where opportunities and finances are limited.